4 Ways to Succeed in Digital Marketing. Fast.

4 Ways to Succeed in Digital Marketing. Fast.

The holiday season is right around the corner. If you’re focused on standing out from the clutter, you inevitably need to think digital. But are you truly prepared to dive in to digital, track your investment and make educated data-driven decisions? Let’s find out. Here are four ways to get your business started down the digital marketing path and get your company digital fast.

1) Get your data.

A smart business doesn’t act unless the data shows that the marketing investment is worth it. Back up your goals with reinforcing data. The world of print advertising is continuously on decline for two main reasons – lack of measurable data and lack of truly consistent ROI. The idea of “well, my friends and I read it” is very antiquated in a digital world of hashtags, pixels and cookies (not the cookies you eat, the cookies that track your digital footprint). Data is the key indicator of where your business is heading and where your customers are holding.

Although digital advertising does have it’s occasional ROI pitfalls, you’ll discover a world of analytics on everything from customers to marketing efforts, to industry consumer trends. So get your data. Start with the best data tool out there: Google Analytics. Although Google Analytics can be very intimidating when you first look at it, get a marketing expert to help you decipher your relevant metrics and create daily/weekly reports on the trends vital to your business. If you track every marketing message you put out there, you’ll start getting the data you need and be able to make more educated decisions about your marketing.

2) Design for mobile first.

It’s one of the earliest maxims of marketing – go where your customers are. And according to …, most consumers are on mobile devices and tablets. According to SimilarWeb, 56% of web traffic to top consumer websites came from mobile devices, up from 49% in Q4 of 2015. According to Experian, 58% of all email opens in 2016 occurred on mobile phones or tablets, a 14% jump from 2014. The traffic trend increasingly indicates a mobile-first customer mentality. 

With that in mind, every form of your marketing, from your website to transactional post-purchase emails, should be created with a mobile-first attitude. If your website isn’t designed for mobile devices, get it responsively designed yesterday. If your email program isn’t sending responsive emails for desktop, mobile and tablets, rethink your entire email creative strategy. Keep up to date on the latest mobile trends because technology changes as fast as people can swipe left and right. 

3) Start automating everything.

Ever shop online, start the checkout process, get called away from your desk for an important matter and lose the forget about your purchase? Happens all the time. What happens next though is that you receive an email saying “hey, we saved your cart for you so check out now!” with the exact product you were just about to purchase. Pretty cool. That’s a Cart Abandon automation and it makes companies millions. No one is there pushing SEND every minute someone abandons their cart; it’s an automated email that is triggered when an action is done. Pretty cool.

And that’s not the only automation out there – there are hundreds of automations and programs that you can implement into your website and email program that can grow your business without lifting a finger. Welcome programs, nurture programs, post-purchase programs and browse abandons, to name a few. Get a marketing team together to start mapping out your email strategy, outline effective creative designs/campaigns, and track your automations to maximize the power of your email platform.

4) Create a Content Marketing strategy.

You have a lot to say, I’m sure. You have opinions, news, tips and feedback to offer; you feel like you’re the leader when it comes to your industry. So create a content marketing blog and start sharing your knowledge with the world. Content marketing is the fastest growing field and helps your brand stand out from the clutter. Identify a niche you fill that no one else does – perhaps you have the best tips on modest New York fashion or NYC dog grooming? If you have a niche, you immediately stand out from the crowd.

Our niche is simple – marketing consultants & ad agency for the Jewish & Kosher market. There are huge international ad agency conglomerates out there but there aren’t many proven players in the Jewish ad agency industry. That’s our niche. Once you create a niche, create a content strategy and editorial calendar for your company. Do you want to create articles, infographics, galleries or all the above? Hire freelance writers who can not only write well but can communicate well with your market. And above all, create an email acquisition strategy to collect an audience for your content because your message won’t go anywhere without an audience.

LET’S SUM IT UP: These tips will help your business think digital first and move your brand in the same direction as your customers. Need help creating a digital first strategy? Let’s get started…

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