Our Mission


Successful marketing starts with solid data-driven strategy. Innovation and creativity is what brings that strategy to life. We do both. Using data-driven insights, customer-centric analysis and collaborative planning, we craft brand strategies that are integrated, effective and transformative.


We are storytellers at heart. We believe in the power of your brand story and aim to share it creatively in every possible channel. Across digital, social and traditional channels, we design a singular brand voice, look and feel that is unique, ambitious and fresh.

Our Process


We help companies of all sizes – Fortune 500 to mom and pop’s – uncover the power and possibilities of the niche Jewish and Kosher marketplaces all around you.


We become your go-to Jewish subject matter experts, working collaboratively with your team to understand, interpret and refine your niche market segmentation and strategy.


We put strategies into action by managing, implementing and designing all your niche marketing efforts on your behalf – from creative design to boots on the ground.

"Their strategic customer-centric redesign of our website helped us book 100% occupancy two months earlier than we forecasted."

Grand Getaways




Maximize ROI. Minimize waste. We refocus your resources to ensure you reach more of who you want and less of who you don’t. More prospects. Less misfires.

Social Media

Social Media

Go from socially awkward to social butterfly. Our social media strategists and content creators turn those Likes and Tweets into dollars and cents.



We put strategy first. With expert insight and market research, we design integrated and effective marketing strategies that work hard for our clients.



Your brand is unique. We’ll broadcast it. From brand identity to collateral, packaging to presence, we get to the core of what makes you special and share it everywhere.

Web Design

Web Design

Fresh web design and compelling content inspire people to take action. We design websites that engage, nurture and convert your visitors, all with cutting-edge design techniques.



We’re obsessively creative. We go beyond design and focus on innovative ways put your message in front of the best audiences. That’s creativity at it’s finest.

"Henry Isaacs created a brand brief and presentation that was spot on and showcased our brand uniqueness better than we ever could."


Our Team

Isaac Hyman

Isaac Hyman

Strategy Consultant

Creative. Ambitious. Enthusiastic. Overly caffeinated.

Yaakov Rosenberg

Yaakov Rosenberg

Chief Technology Officer

Designer. Developer. WordPress Master. And a Gentleman.

"Henry Isaacs Marketing enabled us to cut our ad budget by 60% without sacrificing market share or brand visibility. That's true, tangible success."

Glatt Express

"Their team's logo, graphics and brand identity helped our company stay fresh and competitive in an ever-changing modern real estate market."

Vera & Nechama

Our Clients

Vera and Nechama Realty | Henry Isaacs Marketing | Jewish Advertising Agency
Lazy Bean | Henry Isaacs Marketing | Kosher Marketing & Strategy
Emporio Clothing | Henry Isaacs Marketing | Jewish Marketing & Strategy
Kovot | Henry Isaacs Marketing | Branding & E-Commerce Marketing
Glatt Express | Henry Isaacs Marketing | Kosher Marketing & Strategy
Maze Health | Henry Isaacs Marketing | Jewish Consulting & Strategy
Grand Getaways | Henry Isaacs Marketing | Passover Marketing & Strategy
Giving Nature | Henry Isaacs Marketing | Kosher Marketing & Jewish Marketing Consulting


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Our full blog gives even more insight into the Jewish, Kosher, and Israel market.

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